Pope on Paul

Fr Z. ┬áposts and comments on the Pope’s homily for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul last Sunday. Its well worth a read. [Read more...]


This evening I was in the confessional for an hour and a half. We have the great problem in our parish of not enough priests and too many penitents. While hearing one confession I had this sudden impression of heaven opening up and there being great joy in that small room. Then I remembered the [Read More...]

Captain Hastings’ Question

In the combox James Hastings asks, “if the Catholic denomination is fulfilling the Gospel, why is attendance so low and conversions so few in America/Europe compared to the Evangelicals.” It would be easy to say, “Gee whiz. Numbers are dropping for Catholics. Numbers are going up for Evangelicals. I guess Evangelicals have got it right [Read More...]

The New Ecumenism

The ecumenism from the Vatican II era sought to accomodate Protestantism. It was fuelled by two potent ideas that drove the Vatican II reforms: resourcessement and aggiornomento. The first was a return to the sources of the early church. This was done through shared scholarship with both Catholic and Protestant scholars. The second word means [Read More...]

Transalpine Redemptorists

I had never heard of the Transalpine Redemptorists before, but Fr Ray Blake has this clip about them. They are a traditionalist monastic order established in 1988 on an island in Scotland as part of the SSPX faction. Happily, they have just been reconciled with the Holy See, and before long should be established as [Read More...]

Catholic Church Alive in UK

Melanie McDonagh writes here on how the Catholic Church is thriving in the UK. [Read more...]