Mass Evangelism

There was a Protestant publishing company in England that used to produce smart publicity materials that you could buy for your parish events. They would do overprinting–putting your details into their nice artwork. They had rules though. You weren’t allowed to use the word ‘Mass’ in any of your publicity materials because they couldn’t be [Read More...]

Why America Needs the Pope

Here is my article for National Catholic Register published this weekend. [Read more...]

Pictures from Day 1

London’s Daily Telegraph has this nice gallery of photos from the Pope’s visit to the White House. [Read more...]


The Times has a gallery of popemobiles past and present. Cathcon prefers the original… [Read more...]

True Authority

Why am I a Catholic? It’s all about authority. The Pope. The Chair of Peter. If you are looking for an authority to help decide the crucial questions what criteria would you set for that authority? There are fourteen things you would look for, which come in seven pairs. The authority would be historical – [Read More...]

Official Papal Visit Site.

Here is the link to the US Bishop’s Papal Visit site. View the Pope’s address to the American people recorded before his visit. [Read more...]