SS Peter and Paul in Rome

New Liturgical Movement has great photographs from today’s papal Mass to celebrate SS Peter and Paul. Wonderful to see Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople alongside Pope Benedict. The picture above shows Archbishops from around the world swearing their oath of allegiance to the successor of Peter at Peter’s tomb. They then receive the pallium–the yoke like [Read More...]

Another Anglican first.

Just when you thought the Anglicans didn’t have any more surprises up their sleeve, here’s today’s news: a Church of England bishop has ordained his wife. You can read all about it here. That would be Rt. Rev. Nigel McCullough and Rev. Mrs. McCullough in the photograph.  I wonder if they share clerical shirts. That [Read More...]

Teresa of Avila in Biretta

While I was visiting the chapel where Archbishop Romero was murdered I happened to capture what may be the most unusual biretta spotting I have ever come across. This site is proud of the birettas it has spotted, but what about this??!! St Teresa of Avila wearing a biretta. Unfortunately the photograph is from an [Read More...]

Catholics Come Home

Check out this good looking website that helps people come home to the Catholic faith. It gives  my Lassie Come Home satire some months ago a whole new meaning… [Read more...]

Year of St Paul

Amy Welborn has a great introduction to the Year of St Paul which starts today. The picture is from the solemn Vespers at the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. (courtesy NLM) Here is an excerpt from the Pope’s homily at Vespers. Once again Benedict XVI builds the entire Christian experience from a personal [Read More...]

Big Bad Baby Bill

Evidently Bill Clinton is not only a sex pest, a liar and a shameless opportunist, but a poor loser as well. Read it here. [Read more...]