Brideshead Abandoned

Here’s a review of the new Brideshead Revisited film, saying it is soul less and superficial. Seems to be the general consensus. I think  I’ll go see the new Batman film instead and stay home to watch the old Granada series again. [Read more...]

Cardinal Levada’s Letter to the TAC

Here is Cardinal Levada’s reply to the Traditional Anglican Communion’s request for formal reconciliation with the Church. (H/T Jeffery Steel) It’s not much more than a ‘thanks, we’re working on it’ letter. [Read more...]

The ABC Urges Unity

This article tells us that the Archbishop of Canterbury urges Anglicans to resolve the tensions and seek unity. Not exactly a show stopper… One of the things that made me join the Catholic Church was the realization that the Anglican Church never did have unity. It had the appearance of unity. Have you ever been [Read More...]

Hello Mudda Hello Faddah

Here I am at Camp Granada.  Or at least was….and it was Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga This week I: Said Mass daily for campers and staff Heard a good number of informal, “Could you please hear my confession father…” confessions. It’s always a joy when a young person actually asks for confession. Played Santa Claus [Read More...]

Spiritual Alzheimer’s?

Damian Thompson reports on some sharpish truth telling going on at Lambeth. Only it’s not the Anglicans who are speaking clearly and forthrightly, its one of the Catholic cardinals. He’s said that there is such a thing as spiritual Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and makes a not so subtle hint that the Anglicans suffer from it. [Read More...]

Tough Little Girl

Why is Flannery such a Catholic writer and not just a writer, or not just a writer who’s Catholic? I think it’s the tough little girls in her stories. The tough little girls are the wise ones. They’re survivors. They see the two contradictory elements of truth that sum up the Catholic vision: on the [Read More...]