Good Things from Facing the Lord

After celebrating Mass facing the Lord I can report these favorable effects from the priest’s point of view: I don’t have to worry about where to look I don’t have to worry about what my face looks like I can weep at the beauty and wonder of it all without concern I can worship more [Read More...]

Moral Mess

Today at school I was asked what one of our middle school girls should do: a neighboring lesbian couple have had a baby by artificial insemination, and they would like the girl to babysit for them. I’m sure every reader has a modern moral nightmare within their own circle of friends and family. The worst [Read More...]

Facing the Lord

Last week I began saying Mass in our daily Mass chapel at St Joseph’s Catholic School facing East. I do so on two days of the week, while facing the people on the other three days. I’m also taking time to explain the change and what it means and why we are doing it. We [Read More...]

St John Baptist de la Salle

I love getting to know new saints, and as a priest, you have to meet them as you work through the church year–observing the different feasts and memorials. I had known of St John Baptist de la Salle and the Christian brothers, but didn’t know the details. It seems in every age God raises up [Read More...]

Favorite Churches Meme

Well, there’s my ten favorite churches. I nominate the Roving Medievalist, Fr Christopher at Atonement Online, and Fr Ray at St Mary Magdalene, Brighton. [Read more...]

Basilica de Sacre Coeur

The Basilica de Sacre Coeur is the first Catholic Church I ever entered. I was on a mission trip to France the summer of my senior year in high school. We went to Paris as tourists and ended up roaming the little streets and alleys of Montmartre. Suddenly we came on the Basilica. I had [Read More...]