Divine Mercy

I love the image of Divine Mercy, but I wonder if our own society isn’t in need of the counterbalance: i.e. Divine Justice. Doesn’t American Christianity, (and that includes American Catholicism) already reassure everyone of the Divine Mercy–even to the exclusion of Divine Justice? What I’m talking about is the tendency towards universalism–that belief that [Read More...]


…the wordpress thing. Okay, okay, okay, so I flirted around with the competition a little bit. I’m sorry okay? Fugddaboudit. I liked the customized header. It looked good. The whole thing looked kinda classy. Y’know? But lemme tell ya, when I got into it, turns out you can’t post pictures real easy right? Can you [Read More...]

The Horizontal and the Vertical

A post here got me thinking about the ‘progressives’ and ‘conservatives’ in the Catholic Church. Thulcandra opines that the progressives are all about the ‘horizontal’ aspect of the church. For them it’s all about people. Remember the 1970s ‘up up with people!’ campaign? That’s them. For them the church is about us. Its about hugs. [Read More...]

BBC Shroud documentary

If you are interested in watching the BBC documentary on the new evidence for the Shroud of Turin which screened last weekend connect hereĀ and search for ‘Turin’. I’m told it will only be up to view for free for a few days. PS: This is only available for readers in the UK. [Read more...]

Lady MacBeth

London’s Daily Telegraph has to be the best paper in the world. The British coverage of the American presidential race is actually much better than the US coverage. The Brits have perspective on it all. They have nothing to lose if their guy (or gal) doesn’t win. They also have that somewhat cynical attitude that [Read More...]

El Salvador 2008

Again this summer I will be leading a mission team of kids from St Joseph’s Catholic School to El Salvador. This is a picture of the Mano Amiga San Antonion School in the CIDECO community near the town of La Herradura in El Salvador. CIDECO is a wonderful project. The poorest of the poor are [Read More...]