Answering Margery Eagan on Homosexuality

Margery Eagan

Margery Eagan, the spirituality columnist at Boston Globe’s CRUX website poses a question about homosexuality in this column. Listening to the reading at Mass this week from Ephesians Margery heard St Paul say, “Slaves be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling.” The priest explained that times were different back then and St [Read More...]

Does Beauty Matter?

Interior new Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, SC

True story: here in the Bible Belt a young Baptist high school kid goes into a Catholic Church. He’s smart and amazingly well read. Already by eleventh grade he has rejected Baptist fundamentalist Christianity. He’s explored the other world religions and rejected them all. He’s on the brink of atheism Then he steps into a [Read More...]

Get Real Here and Now


I’ve worn out the keyboard on my laptop. Honestly. The keys don’t respond. Maybe my laptop is telling me something. I spend so much time on the laptop because I write, write, write. I’m blessed with lots of ideas so I clutter up the blogosphere, websites and publishers with my tappety tappings. (this is the [Read More...]

The Intellectually Secular Insane


Fr George Rutler has a clever and rollicking essay here at Crisis Magazine in which he twits the twits in the ivory towers of the Ivy League in their ridiculously blind defense of radical Islam Public thinkers have been usurped by practical atheists who are politely styled “secularists.”  Essentially, the secularist is not without religion: [Read More...]

Ten Things That Are Killing the Family

happy family

The Synod fathers this month were trying to address a real crisis in the human race: the disintegration of the family. The problems are very complex and are not simply a matter of people disobeying God’s law and running around with whoever they please. Is promiscuity a problem? Of course. Is divorce a disaster? Without [Read More...]

How Close Is This Church to Reality?

exterior GRV 02.03.2014 SMALL

Readers of this blog have been following the progress of an exciting new church building project at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville, South Carolina. In the heart of the Bible Belt we are building a church that looks Catholic to proclaim our Catholic faith with vigor, joy and confidence. Why is this [Read More...]