I’ve just finished watching a Spiderman movie with my oldest son, and while watching it, I began wondering why it is that America has produced the cultural phenomenon of the comic book superhero. Popular culture is far more interesting to me than ‘high’ culture. I’m interested in what interests the vast majority of ordinary people. [Read More...]

Points of View

For those who do not have much interest in debates about liturgy, I apologize that this blog has become rather ‘liturgically obsessed’ of late. One of the things this debate has made me think about is the futility of argument in these matters. Some of my friends who love the Mass of Blessed John XXIII [Read More...]

Eating Methodists

Cannibal tribe apologizes for eating Methodists. [Read more...]

St Elvis

On the anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, Fr Nicholas in England posts on the Catholic facts about Elvis… including the detail that there is a St Elvis. Remember, ‘Elvis is an anagram of ‘lives.’ The Daily Telegraph reports on the celebrations at Graceland. “Don’t step on mah blue suede biretta…” [Read more...]

Latin Mass in Vermont

Owl of the Remove has an encouraging post about an upbeat celebration of the Mass of Blessed John XXIII in Vermont. Sounds good. [Read more...]

Ancient Languages

I am still on a steep learning curve about the attraction of the Latin language in the liturgy. I suggested that the liturgy was originally put into Latin so that more people could understand it, and wondered if the fact that it was in Latin today didn’t rather defeat that original purpose. Someone was good [Read More...]