Too Clever is Dumb

When I was an Anglican curate we had a very active sewing guild at church and they asked me to design some frontals, vestments, burse and veils. I got busy doing some super creative stuff with fish and triangles and bursts of flame and green and red and orange and sequins and so forth and [Read More...]

The Fruit of Modernism

Someone asked me yesterday why so many of the Catholic priests he has known have been such weak preachers. “They never seem to say much at all,” he complained. “Just watered down ‘do-gooder’ type stuff. We never hear about the real issues or hear anything red blooded about the battles that are going on in [Read More...]

St Joseph School Chapel

When I arrived at St Joseph’s last year school Mass was being celebrated under pretty makeshift conditions. Vestments and linens were old and second or third hand. The altar was a folding table on risers and the other furniture bits of whatever could be gathered together. The school is new, and people had done the [Read More...]

Tony Blair soon to Convert

The Daily Telegraph reports that former UK Prime Minister is soon to convert to the Catholic faith. Telegraph religion blogger Damian Thompson comments, and his combox is full of interesting chatter. Now I wonder whether I may have had any hand in this…In 1995, while living in England, my first book was published. It was [Read More...]


If you expect the wrong thing you’ll be disappointed with reality. I think one of the main problems in Christianity today is that we expect the wrong thing and are ultimately disappointed with what we’ve got. Here’s a list of things we expect from religion, which religion might give us up to a point, but [Read More...]

For What It’s Worth…

…Preaching at school Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic School [Read more...]