Gargoyle Code – 5

Hogwart, did you learn nothing in your basic training? First of all you flatter me for my success with the conservative Catholic. (If you’re seeking promotion, you should know flattery does not work with me.) Then you make the most banal and ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. “I’m so glad the conservative Catholics have been [Read More...]

Gargoyle Code – 4

My Dear Hogwart,I must add a short note to let you know how things have turned out with my ultra conservative Catholic patient. In my earlier days I would have been alarmed at the sight of him picking up a book with the title The Holy Spirit Heals Today. Such books are very dangerous. With [Read More...]

The Gargoyle Code – 3

The coded messagesfrom international intelligence cell phone listening posts are being unscrambled and translated with increasing confidence and speed. The latest message: Dear Hogwart, You will remember from your days of basic training how to keep your patient from that odious occupation called prayer. The astonishing thing is that the little chimpanzees actually believe they [Read More...]

Breaking News

The tomb of Jesus has been discovered in Ohio!! Go here to see for yourself. [Read more...]

Gargoyle Code 2

Another fragment of a message from the Gargoyle has been intercepted, de-coded and translated: …should any of the vermin attempt to fast during this period they call Lent, you may think it right to tempt them with the thing they have vowed to give up. Sometimes this works, but more often it is counterproductive. Remember [Read More...]

Sermon Series

I’m doing a series of sermons for Lent at St Mary’s, Greenville. Click here for a link to the sermons. Last week’s for Lent 1 is available in text form. Go the box marked ‘page downloads’. Last week’s sermon was ‘To Fight or Not to Fight.’ Today’s and the rest of the series will be [Read More...]