Quarr Abbey and Father Joe

When I was an Anglican priest on the Isle of Wight I spent a lot of time at Quarr (pronounced ‘core’) Abbey. Quarr is built just a few hundred yards from the ruins of a medieval abbey. The architect was Dom Bellot–one of the monks who came to the Isle of Wight from Solemses during [Read More...]

Joee Monk

Jaunty London blogger, Joee Blogs has a sweet post about a retreat to Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland. Nice pictures and an encouraging report that Pluscarden is full. I was at Quarr Abbey once on retreat and a seventeen year old kid was standing outside the church looking sullen. I engaged him in conversation and asked [Read More...]

I Don’t Know About Agnosticism

Not knowing about agnosticism is like saying, ‘Deja vu? Haven’t I met you somehwere before?’ When you think about it agnosticism is really a no man’s land. It is a country you pass through, a stage on a journey, and never a destination. The human heart hates a vacuum, and the emptiness of agnosticism cannot [Read More...]

Catholic BJU Grad in Greenville

The Greenville News covers the story of my ordination and pulls in the Bob Jones University link. The comments add local color. [Read more...]

In This Sign Conquer

Mulier Fortis has a sweet post on the beauty of making the sign of the cross with reverence and love. Here ’tis [Read more...]

About Times

The Times in London ran an article of mine about the unusual circumstances of my ordination. You can read it here [Read more...]