Allen on Kasper on the Africans

John Allen

John Allen springboards in this article from the hoo-ha over Cardinal Kasper’s anti-African comments to Edward Pentin to teach us more about the influence of Africans on the Vatican and what the future church looks like: it’s African. If someone were to write a book about the 2014 Synod of Bishops on the family, a [Read More...]

Take Up Your Crux


My article published previously this week at Crisis Magazine is now re-published at Boston Globe’s Crux website. The ambition of the editors at Crux is simple. John Allen described American Catholicism as being “tribalistic” In other words, the liberals have their colleges, newspapers, publishing houses, bloggers, magazines and celebrities and likewise the conservatives. American Catholics [Read More...]

Cardinal Kasper Dismisses Africans


The Anchoress takes Kasper to task here for his condescending and let’s say it: racist remarks about African Catholics. Here are our brothers and sisters in the forefront of the fight against militant Islam, seeing their churches burned, their children kidnapped and their villages destroyed by Muslim thugs. They stand firm in the faith. Their seminaries [Read More...]

Worried About the Synod? Here Are Ten Things to Remember

Worried about that Synod in Rome? Read This

  UPDATE: Here is John Allen’s summary of the day’s happenings at in Rome. He says the synod is turning out like a high drama soap opera…Go here. Whew! has there ever been such a furore amongst the faithful! We’ve got the clash of cardinals, a bash up among bishops and vitriol in the Vatican! The [Read More...]

Why I Distrust Church Synods

General Synod of the Church of England

As a former Anglican I distrust church synods. Here’s why. The General Synod of the Church of England is at it’s foundation, a democratically minded, man made institution. It was founded in 1970 on the foundations of the Church Assembly which had been in existence since 1910. The Church Assembly was a consultative body of [Read More...]

Sin and the Synod


I have now read what some are calling the “Relativistic Relatio” from the Synod on the family and I’m afraid that I am not impressed. It is not that the language is wishy washy, vague and confusing to the faithful. I’ve commented on that here and here. It fails to impress not because of it’s [Read More...]