Tale of Two Nations

After witnessing the Democratic and Republican conventions, and watching the polls for Romney and Obama it seems increasingly clear to me that our country is fundamentally divided. The polls have the two candidates running neck and neck. It seems that exactly half the citizens are in favor of one and the other half of the [Read More...]

Catholic Paul Ryan loves Atheist Ayn Rand??

Paul Ryan, the Catholic Vice Presidential pick is being blamed for being a fan of atheist, pro abortion, anti religion philosopher Ayn Rand. He has admitted that Rand’s novels inspired him to get interested in economics and politics. He was taken with her views on the morality of capitalism and individualism and with her rejection [Read More...]

Paul Ryan’s Catholic Financial Principles


I am no economist and I have little patience with politics, but I do understand that my Catholic faith is opposed to both socialism and unrestrained capitalism. It is opposed to both because it is in favor of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. These principles are easily understood as the proper need for community [Read More...]

Liberalism and LCWR

LISA JOHNSTON | lisajohnston@archstl.org  Barbara Marx Hubbard smiled as women religious welcomed her to the stage with a dance.  Hubbard gave the keynote presentation to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious during their Annual Assembly in St. Lou

Is Liberalism dead? Ross Douthat comments here on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the decline of liberal Christianity. It’s a speculative piece which highlights the chasm that now exists within all forms of liberal Christianity and historic Christianity. I’ve written on the subject a few months ago here. This divide yawns not only [Read More...]

The Practical Power of Penitence

It’s there right up front, and you can’t avoid it. The first step in following Christ is repentance. The first thing we have to do is say “I’m wrong.” Only then can we begin the journey. It’s like a magic password. The Greek word is metanoia¬†which means ‘turning around’. It’s there in the story of [Read More...]

Problems with the New Atheists

One of the positive things about discussions with atheists is that most of them insist on rational discussion. They say they want to discuss things reasonably. It’s disappointing therefore when the conversations sometimes end up with atheists descending to profanity, emotional rants, ad hominem attacks and blasphemy. Nevermind. Some Catholics are fond of irrational rants [Read More...]