Coca Cola Catholicism


Back in April I began a series on What’s Killing American Catholicism. Events and other commitments kept me from completing the series at that time. The first post was on Cultural Catholicism¬†and I argued that this was countered by Comprehensive Catholicism–a Catholic faith that is truly universal and transcends all cultures and ethnicities. The second [Read More...]

Pentecost – Wind, Fire and Witness


Remembering that the New Testament is hidden in the old and the old is made manifest in the New, yesterday’s feast provides three powerful images from the past that converge at Pentecost: Wind, Fire and Witness. The mighty rushing wind connects back to the first day of creation where in the first verses of the [Read More...]

What’s Killing American Catholicism – 2


I’m continuing a series on things that are destroying American Catholicism. They all begin with the letter ‘C’–as does the solution to the problem. You can use the ‘Categories’ tool to pull up the whole series as they are written. Here is a link to the first article in the series on Cultural Catholicism If [Read More...]

Gargoyle Code for Shrove Tuesday

Gargoyle Code - Book - Transparent

Here’s an excerpt from the Gargoyle Code for today. The letters from the senior demon Slubgrip begin today and continue every day through Lent until Easter Monday. You can get a hard copy ($12.95) and catch up when it arrives in the mail, or you can get an e-book for your Kindle. ($7.99) Go to [Read More...]

Old Monk on Silence


How can you hear the still, small voice of God if you are talking all the time? [Read more...]

Old Monk on Monks


Visitor to the monastery: What is the most difficult thing about monastic life? Old Monk: Other monks. Visitor: Why are they so difficult? Old Monk: Because they are like me. [Read more...]