Old Monk on Detachment


True detachment is to love all things according to their worth. [Read more...]

Call Me Amish

amish men

I admit it. There are a lot of things in modern, suburban America that I just don’t get. I have recognized that my blog readership increases if I discuss politics. Mark Shea’s good at this. He rumbles on about Mitt Romney and Republicans who torture and Democrats who want to change marriage and abort babies. [Read More...]

Mrs Brady on Chick-fil-A

Little Old lady

I don’t know when I’ve been happier to see someone walk up the street to my home! I feel like I’ve been weeding this flowerbed for hours, and in this heat, why I’m just about to melt! I was going to keep going, but now you’re here I can get myself a nice cold glass [Read More...]

The Practical Power of Penitence

It’s there right up front, and you can’t avoid it. The first step in following Christ is repentance. The first thing we have to do is say “I’m wrong.” Only then can we begin the journey. It’s like a magic password. The Greek word is metanoia¬†which means ‘turning around’. It’s there in the story of [Read More...]

Old Monk on the Snares of the Enemy


I saw all of the snares of the enemy laid out before me and I groaned and said, “With what weapon can I overcome?” Then a voice within me answered, “Humility.” [Read more...]

Thus Says the Preacher…

Leo Tolstoy as a Pilgrim

We have an entertaining and whimsical atheist who visits the combox. John Cantor he calls himself and he styles himself as the prophet. Here is my response to some of his comments. When I quote the prophet I am quoting John Cantor’s comments. “The preacher” is me. I the preacher like the prophet John Cantor. [Read More...]