If we weren’t so busy fussing about shifts in geopolitical climates and trying to stay on top of every move that the current U.S. administration is making we might be having completely different conversations about how the world is changing right under our noses. Way back in the day there was this completely fantastic, absurd [Read More…]

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Love Your Enemy: Thoughts on Donald Trump

What I see when I look at our president is someone who has never known love. What does it look like to love Donald Trump? [Read more…]

Circle of Moral Responsibility

Who is my neighbor? [Read more…]

The Good News of Inauguration Day

Today is the day that many of us have been dreading. And, yes, many have been longing for it, counting down to it for the past months and years. But the majority of my people, even folks who aren’t sure that they’re my people anymore given my theological and political leanings, are not happy about today’s [Read More…]

Litany for Peace

A Litany of Confession & Peace [Read more…]

Webinar on the Human Christ

Webinar on A Man Attested by God now on YouTube. [Read more…]

Theological Interpretation and the Problem of Whiteness

“White makes right” makes for bad readings of the Bible. [Read more…]

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Scripture: Our Father & Mother’s Unruly Child

Scripture doesn’t replicate the theology of the church that birthed it. [Read more…]

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Gentile Transformation: In Conversation with Wesley Hill

Included people are invited to a transformed morality even as they transform the ethics of the church. [Read more…]

From C. S. Lewis to the Synoptic Jesus

Liar, Lunatic, Lord–or Messiah? Reimagining possibilities for Jesus. [Read more…]