A Man Attested by God: Response to Hurtado

Larry Hurtado has posted to his blog the review he read of my book, A Man Attested by God, at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in November. A number of people have asked for my response. What follows is not my response from the session, but a newly written response for my blog. Appreciation I want to [Read More…]

The “T” Word

Good news is only good news if it’s true for everyone and if it works. [Read more…]

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On Making a REALLY Big Deal About Jesus’s Humanity

The human Jesus as a cure for our anemic Christology. [Read more…]

From C. S. Lewis to the Synoptic Jesus

Liar, Lunatic, Lord–or Messiah? Reimagining possibilities for Jesus. [Read more…]

Inestimable Human Worth

Making a claim for Jesus that is a hundred times more scandalous than his divinity. [Read more…]

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Called to Community

Called to Community questions our normal and summons us to a better way of following Jesus. [Read more…]

Life’s Too Short to Not Read David Dark

Tour de Awesome Blogsphere confessional: I have a total, complete, 100% man-crush on David Dark. From the time I first took in hand Everyday Apocalypse and read about the epiphany he experienced while watching Raising Arizona, I knew that I was in the presence of someone through whose eyes I wanted to see the world. That snippet summarizes [Read More…]