“God Made Me Like This”? Sexuality & Culture

But between “it’s a choice” and “God wired me like this” is a complex set of interactions between nature and culture. [Read more…]

Light to See Political Light

Yes, politics and I are in a relationship. But it’s complicated. [Read more…]

Love Your Enemy: Thoughts on Donald Trump

What I see when I look at our president is someone who has never known love. What does it look like to love Donald Trump? [Read more…]

Healing Spiritual Wounds

A man pours out his life pursuing a calling that would clearly put on display the grace and life of Jesus. He is thwarted at every turn. His prayers for help go unanswered. God is silent. A woman is abused by her husband. The church exhorts her to bear up under her cross as she [Read More…]

Today, the Human Jesus Matters

I wrote A Man Attested by God because I had an academic answer to an academic question. Given early Judaism, and how it depicts it God and its human heroes, how do we best understand the identity of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels? But once we’ve got the Jesus story straight there results a rich overflow of ramifications [Read More…]

The Church’s Challenge in the Age of Trump

The church’s challenge in the age of Trump, perhaps its biggest challenge, is to somehow follow Jesus as “light in the darkness” when light is shining out from every corner of our country and our world. For a people whose hero proclaimed release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, the advent of the justice [Read More…]

Religion and the Good of the World

Last week I went to a talk. And what I really, really wanted, more than anything else, was for the speaker to fire the silver bullet. I wanted him to convince me of what I have too long doubted. I wanted him to show me that the globalized world needs religion so that its people [Read More…]

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Theological Interpretation and the Problem of Whiteness

“White makes right” makes for bad readings of the Bible. [Read more…]

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The “T” Word

Good news is only good news if it’s true for everyone and if it works. [Read more…]

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Gentile Transformation: In Conversation with Wesley Hill

Included people are invited to a transformed morality even as they transform the ethics of the church. [Read more…]