Love Your Enemy: LectioCast Edition

This is not a matter of excessive righteousness for the few who are pious enough to afford it. This is a matter of being God’s people in the world. [Read more…]

Jesus the Key?

What difference does Jesus make for how we read the Old Testament? [Read more…]

Consuming and Consumed

Judging our faithfulness by looking at our consumption. [Read more…]

Changing God Changes Us

When the Lectionary gives you contradictory pictures of God, slavery, and hating parents all on the same day… [Read more…]

Hospitality and the Fruit of Your Lips

What if the fruit of lips that confess Jesus as Lord isn’t the words we speak or the songs we sing? What if those are the seeds that are supposed to bear fruit in a whole life’s devotion to God? The fruit, then, is the life of faithfulness. That’s a trail I run down this [Read More…]

Prayer Olympics and the Deliverance of God

Reimagining praise of God and escaping the prayer Olympics. [Read more…]

The Summons and the Warning

With God’s summoning us to justice there is a warning for deaf ears. [Read more…]

It’s Still Easter

We live in Easter hope and power, while remembering and continuing to find ourselves in the deaths from which God promises to deliver us. [Read more…]

From Entry to Easter

If you celebrate Easter, if you observe Holy Week, here is something you don’t want to miss! [Read more…]

Lent: An Exchange of Goods

It is sometimes easy to forget that there are different kinds of goods. We get used to something good. It becomes our normal. And we start to think of other options as bad. We might miss that they’re actually better.  Many of us are used to, perhaps even drugged by, the good of abundance. It [Read More…]