Cuck Christology

Rejecting the manliness of conquest meant that Jesus embraced a deeply feminizing narrative. [Read more…]

The “T” Word

Good news is only good news if it’s true for everyone and if it works. [Read more…]

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Can protests in Charlotte birth a moment of grace? [Read more…]

Hospitality and the Fruit of Your Lips

What if the fruit of lips that confess Jesus as Lord isn’t the words we speak or the songs we sing? What if those are the seeds that are supposed to bear fruit in a whole life’s devotion to God? The fruit, then, is the life of faithfulness. That’s a trail I run down this [Read More…]

Joining Newbigin House

Last week I announced that I have come on board with Newbigin House of Studies as Pastoral Director for San Francisco. Here are some reflections I wrote for the Newbigin House website about my new role–and an invitation to join me on this next leg of my adventure. “How do you describe Newbigin House to [Read More…]

Strange Book of Books

There’s a dirty little secret that almost every seminary student, professor, and pastor knows: the Bible isn’t what most people say it is when they stand up to preach on a Sunday morning. The Bible has a long and complex history, a pre-history that has nothing to do with us before it finally comes around [Read More…]