“God Made Me Like This”? Sexuality & Culture

But between “it’s a choice” and “God wired me like this” is a complex set of interactions between nature and culture. [Read more…]

Gentile Transformation: In Conversation with Wesley Hill

Included people are invited to a transformed morality even as they transform the ethics of the church. [Read more…]

Changing God Changes Us

When the Lectionary gives you contradictory pictures of God, slavery, and hating parents all on the same day… [Read more…]

Orlando: Our Stories of Heroes and Villains

The Orlando night club shooting shows us that we need a better story: one where guns are not the good guys and gays are not the bad guys. [Read more…]

Redefining Religious and Academic Freedom: Gordon College Edition

Gordon College accused of retaliating against LGBTQ-Supporting Professor [Read more…]

North Carolina: A Microcosm of American Fear

Last week North Carolina made two legal decisions that laid bare the fears besetting America. How can we cast out fear? [Read more…]

Dear Gay People: God Does Not Want to Swap You Out

Traditionalist Christians cannot embody the love that God has for gay people. [Read more…]

Embracing the Gentiles

This is the first in an occasional series of encore presentations of some of the most significant posts from my old blog page. What follows is a post from October in which I articulated the way forward I had found for fully accepting LGBTQ people in the church. ***** Those of you who have been reading my blog for any [Read More…]