Light to See Political Light

Yes, politics and I are in a relationship. But it’s complicated. [Read more…]

Peace: An Impossible Possibility

We only get peace when we believe there is enough. [Read more…]

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Morality for the Common Good

Hope that we are becoming better as “they” become “us.” [Read more…]

There is Enough?

There is enough—but how do we believe that and live that as a people? [Read more…]

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The Gift of Bad Candidates

The gift of an election cycle in which there are no political messiahs. [Read more…]

The Election/Cynicism Cycle

I cannot vote for hope. I can only wait for it. [Read more…]

Justice Scalia and Justice Upheld

The Chaos We Created Just when we thought that the presidential primaries were an opportunity for us to take a good long look in the mirror to ask who on earth we are that we have created such viable political candidates, Justice Anton Scalia died and turned the floodlights on. Surely nobody was surprised that [Read More…]

Rubio, Sanders, Jesus, Bible

Shared Faith A few weeks ago Marco Rubio was confronted at a campaign gathering by an atheist. “What about me?” he asked. With all the sucking up that politicians are doing to garner the evangelical vote, what are atheists and agnostics to make of their place in a society under such a leader. Rubio gave [Read More…]

Coopted Christianity

Is there any hope for us, Christians, to be saved from ourselves? Better, is there any hope for Christianity to be rescued from its politicalization in the United States? If you study the history of our longstanding denominations you will find that most of them split during the Civil War. Where did those Southern Baptists [Read More…]