The Church’s Challenge in the Age of Trump

The church’s challenge in the age of Trump, perhaps its biggest challenge, is to somehow follow Jesus as “light in the darkness” when light is shining out from every corner of our country and our world. For a people whose hero proclaimed release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, the advent of the justice [Read More…]

Being the Social Gospel of Jesus

Jesus receives the Spirit at baptism, and then stands up in the Synagogue proclaiming good news to the poor. Paul proclaims that the same Spirit is upon the people, and that our life together is marked by the good news of its impulses coming to fruition. Ezra reads the scroll to the people, then sends [Read More…]

Let Justice Roll

We get the day off of work. Our kids are home from school. We march. We remember Martin Luther King Jr. We remember that we had to have our eyes opened to see the injustice that was right in front of us. We remember that the world our God wants to create is a world [Read More…]