Merry Christmas!

I know what you're all thinking, "Is he joking, or just a moron who doesn't know what day it is."  And while I refuse to comment on whether or not I'm a moron, I will say with abject certainty that I do indeed know what today is.  And yes, it's Christmas.  Now that we're clear that I do, in fact, know that today is January the sixth, let us move on to why I'm saying this.For Eastern Catholics today is the feast of the Theophany, that is, the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan.  This is the last … [Read more...]

Kierkegaard, Chrysostom and Christmas Boredom

In the technological age, we have a horrendous tendency towards boredom.  This is unfortunately true even of Christmas.  You see the same people, sing the same songs, hear the same homilies, and eat the same food, year after year.  For some, this boredom even stretches beyond the social and religious artifacts of Christmas, into the commercial aspects.  They stare blankly at shiny new gadgets that cost more than many developing countries GDPs.  They were ecstatic about it just one day previous, b … [Read more...]

Premature Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches quickly it is made more and more evident that something is wrong.  The carols are sounding, the movies are playing, the cookies are being eaten; but I still can't help wondering, where's Christmas?!It hasn't come yet?What do you mean it hasn't come yet?  We're already celebrating!  Already having parties and eating our goodies, and watching A Christmas Story on repeat, day in and day out.But Christmas hasn't started!See a problem?  You should.  Y … [Read more...]