4 Things That Are Not Reasons I Became an Orthodox Christian

There is perhaps nothing which is more painful, and obnoxious, than someone believing that they understand why you believe something that you do.  For anyone who believes anything, this is an understandable problem.  If you believe in God (or god, or spirits, or even just an afterlife) you're used to the annoying commentary from the proverbial peanut-gallery remarking on how foolish your fear and superstition is.  However, it doesn't just stop there.  Even someone who simply believes that they an … [Read more...]

Who, and what I am.

  As I move towards the first post here, I am brought to a tough question; what am I doing? I would love to say that I intend to spread truth.  However, it would be self-righteous of me to lay claim to the idea that I had a definitive grasp of truth.  This is a claim made by many in the past, and a claim I wish not to make for myself. Instead, I'd like to first state that I have the "truth of morals and faith that the Church has given to us" as St. Josemaria stated.  And it is from these … [Read more...]