The Entrance: or Why One Should Care That a Man Came to Jerusalem

Today is Entrance Sunday (or Palm Sunday, as it is more commonly known in the West.)  This is the day when the Church remembers the entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem.  But what does this day mean?  Why all the celebration, the festivity the pomp?The entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem marks the beginning of the fulfillment of God's covenant.  The Final Covenant in His Blood, which was foretold by the Prophets and IS our salvation.  But since it is Christ, isn't everything a part of this cov … [Read more...]

Angels, Jews and the Fear of the Lord.

Any one who has been properly Catechized (and even those who haven't) should be able to tell you that Christ is truly present in the Mass.  Now, to some of us that means that a friendly, cheerful, "buddy-Jesus" comes down during the consecration and dwells mystically among us.  While this is true, it's also lacking the fullness of what is truly going on.  For others, more informed others, it means Christ suffering on the Cross for us.  This is true, as the other was true, but still misses some of … [Read more...]

What to do About the Old Testament

If you were to gather a group of average American Christians (leaving Theologians, Priests and Preachers out of it) and asked them the benign, but very important question: "Why do we have the Old Testament."  They would all look at each other with much confusion and uncertainty.  You might get a few answers like "the stories are good for the children" or simply "I don't know."  There might also be a few more educated answers like: "the stories are allegories for the spiritual life" or "the pr … [Read more...]