Why We Have Secular Humanism

Among the ruins of the old, theocratic, feudal order lives a most peculiar creature, modern man.  Here stands this bizarre specimen amid a gaggle of other men of similar peculiarity, and all of them live, work, and play, all in the continual presence of what Nietzsche once referred to as the "tombs of a dead God."  And modern man, with his sincere sense of liberation looks at these tombs with an interesting view.  He looks with justified disdain upon those who enter these old, lofty, halls of mo … [Read more...]

The “Cultured” Man

It has, for some time, been the hobby of the wealthy to go on lengthy vacations through foreign countries.  Most often these people go somewhere "wild" and "exotic," going to places, typically south of the Equator, and almost always impoverished.  They go to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.  But what is really the common denominator between all of the most popular tour destinations?  Culture.  Tourists, most often, want to see culture in action.  They are fascinated by … [Read more...]

One of These Things, is Not Like the Others…

Recently I was involved in a conversation with an atheist.  The main claim of this young man's argument was that paganism and Christianity were at their core the same; "both cults...  and ruddy terrible things."  (for clarification he's an Englishman).  So apparently this...     is equivalent to this...... As should be evident, I have a serious problem with this argument.  Two problems to be more spe … [Read more...]


Truth is a peculiar thing in most human minds, it is that perfection that we seek, the Holy Grail of thought; yet many abandon it in their search for it.  How can one defile their means, and hope for a pure end? To be put in short, pride.  Pride leads the philosopher to abandon the truth in hopes of gaining it.Pride shows its face in a multitude of disfigured poses.  The first of these that I’ll discuss is the decision that truth is unattainable.  Not only is this a fallacy, it’s also a cop … [Read more...]

Premature Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches quickly it is made more and more evident that something is wrong.  The carols are sounding, the movies are playing, the cookies are being eaten; but I still can't help wondering, where's Christmas?!It hasn't come yet?What do you mean it hasn't come yet?  We're already celebrating!  Already having parties and eating our goodies, and watching A Christmas Story on repeat, day in and day out.But Christmas hasn't started!See a problem?  You should.  Y … [Read more...]