Metropolitan Jonah on Dispassion

I had heard, mostly from the grandmas at church, of the great wisdom and gift for teaching of Metropolitan Jonah.  However, I didn't really understand why they all made such a fuss until I heard this, a talk given on the subjects of dispassion, ego, and theosis.  It's rather long, but it's worth it.  Enjoy: … [Read more...]

4 Things That Are Not Reasons I Became an Orthodox Christian

There is perhaps nothing which is more painful, and obnoxious, than someone believing that they understand why you believe something that you do.  For anyone who believes anything, this is an understandable problem.  If you believe in God (or god, or spirits, or even just an afterlife) you're used to the annoying commentary from the proverbial peanut-gallery remarking on how foolish your fear and superstition is.  However, it doesn't just stop there.  Even someone who simply believes that they an … [Read more...]

Against Hope in Damnation

In the wake of all the controversy revolving around Fr. Baron's remarks about von Balthasar, I thought it would be appropriate to try to add an Eastern voice to all this commotion.All this aggression and name calling with regards to von Balthasar's universalist hope raises an interesting question, why are we so bothered by the idea of hell being empty?  Most arguments against this manner of thinking about the unfortunate part of the here-after makes a claim that von Balthasar (and Fr. Barron … [Read more...]

On the Many Kinds of Temptation

Personally, I think that the great wisdom of the Romanian Elders isn't common enough.  Thus, to rectify this, I present Elder Arsenie Papacioc on temptation. … [Read more...]

A Few Changes

It's almost certainly not gone unnoticed that I haven't written anything recently.  This is due in part to the fact that I have been preparing for reception into the Orthodox Church.This has been a long and adventurous journey, and perhaps I will write about it at some point.  For now though, I feel obliged (and excited) to tell you that I have been formally received into the Eastern Orthodox Church.As for this events effects on my blog, that has yet to be seen in its fullness.  For now, … [Read more...]

“I AM” is not “Is”: Nihilism

“Nihilism stands at the door: whence comes this uncanniest of all guests?”-Nietzsche (The Will to Power) This puzzling and frightening question which marks the onset of the last of Nietzsche’s works requires an answer, and this answer explains much about ontotheology.  As such it would appear that there are two different conceptions of nihilism at work in this quote, however, they are not completely unrelated.Nihilism as History (or, The “god” of Ontotheology is Dead)It is often over … [Read more...]

A Christian Rite for Same-Sex Union

Once upon a time a heavily biased scholar published a work on the (scandalous) existence of a rite for same-sex union within the Christian tradition.  And he was right.Allow me to imagine your responses… “D:< !!! WHAT THE HELL!”It’s not a new topic, in fact, it’s quite old news… but apparently Huffington Post doesn’t think so, so I feel it might be time to address the whole thing again.(My first reaction to the story: “Huffpost wut r u doin?Huffpost.Stahp…”)What i … [Read more...]

Saved from Sin or From God

I have written before on the typical Protestant concept of “Life Boat” salvation.  However, upon more in depth consideration of this erroneous notion of “once and then you’re good” salvation there appears to be a much more flawed ideal at the base of it all.The Bleak Background of a Well Meaning Notion:Those who espouse the notion of “life boat” salvation do so out of a sincere kindness.  Their concern for the salvation of those around them is nothing short of admirable, and it shows a tr … [Read more...]