An Inconvenient Truth… (about Paganism and Femininity)

I hear it all the time, the old, tired, party anthem of the modern feminist proclaiming the "evils of the Patriarchal system of Abrahamic religion!"  They complain about how the Church, Islam, and Judaism have stolen the power away from women and left them as nothing but housewives.  Their -almost unanimous- solution, Paganism.  Over and over, they proclaim the greatness of the Pagan view of woman, as a more equal and even more woman-centered view.  And they may be right about this, but what exac … [Read more...]

One of These Things, is Not Like the Others…

Recently I was involved in a conversation with an atheist.  The main claim of this young man's argument was that paganism and Christianity were at their core the same; "both cults...  and ruddy terrible things."  (for clarification he's an Englishman).  So apparently this...     is equivalent to this...... As should be evident, I have a serious problem with this argument.  Two problems to be more spe … [Read more...]