Saved from Sin or From God

I have written before on the typical Protestant concept of “Life Boat” salvation.  However, upon more in depth consideration of this erroneous notion of “once and then you’re good” salvation there appears to be a much more flawed ideal at the base of it all.The Bleak Background of a Well Meaning Notion:Those who espouse the notion of “life boat” salvation do so out of a sincere kindness.  Their concern for the salvation of those around them is nothing short of admirable, and it shows a tr … [Read more...]

Why Sola Scriptura Honestly Scares Me

Being raised in a Protestant home, the Scriptures were (and in many ways still are) the end-all-be-all of the faith for me.  However, there is a reason I am no longer a Protestant.  This reason has many branches but all points back to one thing, context.  Given the necessity of context, I find the whole idea of “Scripture Alone” horrifying.What it is:Sola Scriptura is the idea that Christianity ought to be based off of “Scripture Alone” (which is the English translation of “Sola Scriptura … [Read more...]

A Revaluation of Hell

Hell is one of those topics that makes people uncomfortable, like the female reproductive system, prostate exams, or being asked personal questions by complete strangers.  However, unlike these other uncomfortable things, many people don't believe in Hell.  Many Christians in fact don't believe in Hell.  But I'm a little confused by this rejection.  So, in an attempt to understand, I think  it might be necessary to address the evil elephant cloud in the room and finally ask the question; what is … [Read more...]

Salvation and Swimming the English Channel

Anyone who has ever had any exposure to Protestantism is probably fairly well acquainted with this question: "Are you saved?"  At first glance this seems to be a pretty understandable question, being that all Christians believe that salvation is the ultimate goal of all mankind.  If, as Christians, we believe that salvation is our ultimate end, then why shouldn't we ask others, with the utmost of sincerity, "are you saved?"  Well, as valid as the question may seem, it shows a profound flaw in un … [Read more...]

The Importance (and Legitimacy) of Tradition

For those of you who don't know (which I'm assuming is most of you) I am a convert.  So, while I was beginning my conversion my very Protestant family had only one thing to say, and say it they, did in rapid, almost frenzied succession: "Find a good Bible teaching church!"  And while I certainly did find a "good Bible teaching church" (of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic sort) it was by no means what they really meant. What they really meant by a "Good Bible teaching church" was, one c … [Read more...]