Against Hope in Damnation

In the wake of all the controversy revolving around Fr. Baron's remarks about von Balthasar, I thought it would be appropriate to try to add an Eastern voice to all this commotion.All this aggression and name calling with regards to von Balthasar's universalist hope raises an interesting question, why are we so bothered by the idea of hell being empty?  Most arguments against this manner of thinking about the unfortunate part of the here-after makes a claim that von Balthasar (and Fr. Barron … [Read more...]

The Horror of Springtime

In our complicated world of abstractions and specters it is very easy - nay necessary- to compartmentalize the world around us, so that we can understand it and easily think about it.  Take barbecues for example; when we think of them, we don't think of any particular instance of a barbecue we were at, we think of the idyllic image of the great American cookout, with children playing, men cooking and drinking beer - all American beers of course- and everyone talking and laughing and having a … [Read more...]