A Christian Rite for Same-Sex Union

Once upon a time a heavily biased scholar published a work on the (scandalous) existence of a rite for same-sex union within the Christian tradition.  And he was right.Allow me to imagine your responses… “D:< !!! WHAT THE HELL!”It’s not a new topic, in fact, it’s quite old news… but apparently Huffington Post doesn’t think so, so I feel it might be time to address the whole thing again.(My first reaction to the story: “Huffpost wut r u doin?Huffpost.Stahp…”)What i … [Read more...]

Why We Have Secular Humanism

Among the ruins of the old, theocratic, feudal order lives a most peculiar creature, modern man.  Here stands this bizarre specimen amid a gaggle of other men of similar peculiarity, and all of them live, work, and play, all in the continual presence of what Nietzsche once referred to as the "tombs of a dead God."  And modern man, with his sincere sense of liberation looks at these tombs with an interesting view.  He looks with justified disdain upon those who enter these old, lofty, halls of mo … [Read more...]

The “Cultured” Man

It has, for some time, been the hobby of the wealthy to go on lengthy vacations through foreign countries.  Most often these people go somewhere "wild" and "exotic," going to places, typically south of the Equator, and almost always impoverished.  They go to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.  But what is really the common denominator between all of the most popular tour destinations?  Culture.  Tourists, most often, want to see culture in action.  They are fascinated by … [Read more...]

Atheistic De-Secularization?

I was confused by the thought too,but while pursuing the internet I ran into this interesting video:To be honest I had sincerely mixed feelings about it.  On one hand he's on to something with his realization of the cultural void secularization has left in the wake of its hostile takeover; and on the other he's entirely misunderstanding the reason as to why that societal degradation has occurred. Starting with a jarring, and almost silly, halfhearted rejection of all re … [Read more...]