How Your Work-Out Might Be Destroying Your Destiny

Work-out mania has always disturbed me.  Perhaps it is my inherent fear of people too buff to touch their face, or my annoyance with some people's incessant need to post pictures of "the results" via every form of social media imaginable.  Whatever the root of my disturbance, the fitness frenzy contains a  much more concerning issue; not only is it making you thin, healthy, and obnoxious, it might also be destroying your life.This may sound like a pretty serious claim to raise against so … [Read more...]

Subjectivity, Truth-Relation, and Learning to Be Charitable

There is a problem I have found within the climate of American Catholics (I'm sure it's not just us, but still).  It's everywhere.  Sooner or later, anywhere there has been a discussion, it will appear.  It shows up in articles and comboxes, lurking in the dark underside of the comment thread, where few care to continue reading, waiting to pounce on it's prey like a pit viper.  It's prey: the unsuspecting reader. It's venom: cruel and unbridled absence of charity.  This is a real issue, since the … [Read more...]

The Despair of Greeting Cards

I have what one may describe as an aversion to cards.  I never know quite what to do with them.Keeping them around seems to be hording.  Getting rid of them; an impersonal display of disregard for the sender.  But, what is it about these clever little pieces of folded card-stock that makes any sort of dilemma?Why We Feel Uncomfortable Getting Rid of Them: Whenever we look at the pile of cards after any "card holiday," be it Christmas, birthdays, or whatever, there's a certain sort of … [Read more...]

The “Cultured” Man

It has, for some time, been the hobby of the wealthy to go on lengthy vacations through foreign countries.  Most often these people go somewhere "wild" and "exotic," going to places, typically south of the Equator, and almost always impoverished.  They go to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.  But what is really the common denominator between all of the most popular tour destinations?  Culture.  Tourists, most often, want to see culture in action.  They are fascinated by … [Read more...]

The Counter-Productivity of Masturbation

Wanking, fapping, jerking; whatever you want to call it our world bombards men from a very early age with a whole host of masturbation themed jokes, innuendos, references and homages.  Just watch ANY movie directed to a "youth" or "teen" audience, particularly comedies, made since the 1980s and I almost guarantee at least one reference to masturbation.But why is our society so obsessed with fapping?!  Obsessed enough that its become a basic part of our cultur … [Read more...]