Some Wisdom From Optina

The following is a letter from Elder Macarius of the Optina monastery in Russia to one of his spiritual children on the topic of death and suffering.  Enjoy.On the 20th of January, the letter announcing to me the sad news of my esteemed grandmother, A.P., reached my hand. Thanks be to the merciful God, Who allowed her to leave this world when she had reached her declining years, in the white garments of sincere repentance and confession of her sins, bearing the seal of Holy Unction upon … [Read more...]


We have a pope.White smoke rises and the feast begins.Now we must wait to see the face of our new father.  … [Read more...]

Cathedra vacua est

The Chair is empty.It is a somber day for all Catholics.  As the doors to the papal residence closed and we got our last glimpse of our Pontiff, we are left with the memory of a truly great man.  And now we must reside in limbo until we see the white smoke billow up from the Sistine, and are strengthened again in knowing that we have a shepherd.  Rather than bog you down with my reflections upon this momentous occasion, or start placing bets on who will be elected; I will leave you with the w … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Great Fast

Today, for those who aren't aware, is the beginning of Lent for Eastern Christians.  Unlike the formal Ash Wednesday services of the West, the Great Fast in the East comes up quietly and with much lounging.  That's right, lounging.  It's a day of fasting, but one of happy fasting, picnics in the park, kite flying, and generally keeping with Christ's command to "anoint your head and wash your face," rather than bearing the unhappy countenance of the hypocrites.So, since today is Clean Monday, … [Read more...]

I’m Confused…

As a Catholic Christian I am, as most of us are, faced with the bizarre phenomenon of those who are so adamantly supportive of contraception.  I say "bizarre phenomenon" because the entire, supposed, purpose of these individuals is to promote health and well-being, yet I'm not sure they understand what they're saying in their promotion of contraceptives or how it effects the rest of their thought.  Take for instance a very common phrase; namely that not using contraception makes you a "SLAVE TO … [Read more...]


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