THE PRICE OF LONE-WOLFDOM: Heather King is signing off from her wonderful Patheos column, A Book of Sparks with a typically thoughtful exposition on the joys of books! She parts on great terms and explains why she has left and what feeds or detracts from the writer’s life.

Someone with my craving for attention gets advertisers and next thing I know I’m giving make-up tips and having bakeoffs and writing about Justin Bieber. Next thing you know I become willing to pander to the lowest common denominator and emasculate, homogenize and sanitize Christ, not because I love him but because I want to make money off him.

I understand her thoughts very well, and suspect that for a writer whose concentration is on the religious, all the feeding/detraction is multiplied exponentially. We wish Heather all good things (and great success with her upcoming book) and hope she’ll be back from time-to-time to share her rare and fruitful insights with us!

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