The Shallows

WE ARE ALL INSTAPUNDIT, NOW: (though admittedly lacking Glenn Reynold’s pithy and clever economy of language) Rick at Brutally Honest writes:

I’ve been blogging at Brutally Honest since October of 2003. When I look through the archives, I see that I used to be…more a writer (though a rough one) than an aggregator. . .I’ve become more an Instapundit (though not as prolific and with much less talent) and less a Jay Tea

Proving Rick’s point, I link to him in my nifty new Insty-style, quick-link Summablog. But I do hope to write further on it on my own, if I have time. It’s a question of time, anymore, isn’t it? And attention, and too the need for immediate gratification. Admit it, you want to order the book on Kindle, so you don’t have to wait, right? Me too. Then try to find time to read it!

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