WaPo and NYTimes making a BIG Mistake

PALINISTAS MAKE ME CRAZY: Okay, we all know that! Question the woman, and they come out in full-force, with knives between their teeth, and you just want to say “take a breath! Take a pill!” But then you read something like this and you almost understand why they are so reflexively defensive of her. The same press that wouldn’t vet Barack Obama, and barely questions 2400-page policies is looking for the public to find dirt on a private citizen who has been out of office for two years? She is so in their heads, and their hate is so naked, that the WaPo and NYTimes don’t realize how destructive this move is going to be to their own selves. When even Palin non-fans and fence-sitters (like me) are offended by this — you’re talking EPIC fail! As with Barbara Walters last week, they’re letting their hate lead them into a self-destructive place. How will it go for Palin? She wins.

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