Hey, I had trouble getting my wireless connection this morning, so I’m late, but it’s been a truly wonderful day so far, and I’m going to give you a quick re-cap. I really can’t say enough about Dr. Carolyn Woo from Catholic Relief Services, talking about the value of the business community’s contribution to peace and prosperity, and the great need to adopt best-practices and proper business training in parish settings. She is a charming and fascinating presenter and someone who inspires in a universal way.

I’m still chuckling, but I was belly-laughing at the time — Fr. James Martin, SJ, best-selling author of “Between Heaven and Mirth” gave a side-splittingly funny talk about joy and humor as essential qualities in the life of faith. I can’t wait to get a copy of his book!

I also had the great joy of hearing Joe Paprocki speak, today, on Catholic identity. He’s so warm and delightful, and his joy is contagious. Thank you, Joe! I’ve got some of his books on my list, too. Got to get back to the Loyola booth.

I just left Our Sunday Visitor’s Dr. Joseph White, who did a wonderfully informative and entertaining presentation on attention spans, multiple intelligences, and teaching faithfully in ways that children at various developmental stages can understand and retain. It was so much fun. I ended up volunteering to be a part of a skit, and played a newscaster on the road to Emmaus. Such a ham, I am.

I’m also thrilled to have finally met my editor, David Dziena, in person! What a joy. Such a wonderfully competent, faithful person I’m so honored to know and work with. I also had the surprise and joy of meeting the beautiful, warm and encouraging Beth McNamara, editorial director at OSV (my editor’s boss), and John Christensen, who is the company’s terrific marketing director. Such an exciting day! I’ll write more later!


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