Baltimore is Beautiful!

I’m at the MidAtlantic Congress and, despite a long drive from New York, and precious little sleep, have just enjoyed a lively and welcoming talk by Kathy Hendricks on Children’s Catechesis, sponsored by Sadlier. I was particularly struck by the catechists in the audience, who responded to Ms. Hendricks’ warmth and enthusiasm with so many touching and interesting anecdotes and ideas for better reaching children and parents. Lord, it is good to be here!

I ran into Joe Paprocki in the lobby, just now, and hope to post an interview with him today or tomorrow.

Off to the next presentation, sponsored by my publisher, Our Sunday Visitor, and Twenty-Third Publications, “Reclaiming Religious Education,” with Dr. Michael Carotta, about the art, skill, environment, and methods we should expect from religious educators and education.

Sounds very interesting. I’ll be back later.

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