Reclaiming Religious Education — Right ON!

It’s such a privilege to hear a speaker who is deeply convicted, loves the Catholic faith, and knows his stuff, like Dr. Michael Carotta does. WOW. Imagine using the metaphor of cooks vs. chefs to talk about the need for both catechists and trained religious educators, and feeding — really feeding — your audience with ideas, methodologies, inspiration, and engagement. His talk, Reclaiming Religious Education, inspired me, and really galvanized our audience of perhaps 80 to 100 people, many of them DREs. Two thumbs way up, and now I’m dying to read his book, “Sometimes We Dance, Sometimes We Wrestle: Embracing the Spiritual Growth of Adolescents“. Dr. Carotta is really someone to watch and read.

We’re off to grab a bite to eat, and will be back at the conference center to hear Cardinal O’Brien and Bishop Kicanas during the Leadership Assembly from 7-9pm.

More later!

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