David Mamet; Righty

A CONVERSION STORY: David Mamet on moving from hard left to hard right [Read more...]

Oil Shale

SHALE GETS INTERESTING: Far from being thought “valueless” five years ago, some of us have been talking about it for a long time. [Read more...]

John Henry Newman

THE BEST TALK EVAH: On Bl. John Henry Newman? Possibly, yes! [Read more...]

Song of Myself

SONG OF MYSELF: The Summablog gettin’ all full of itself and an attitude! [Read more...]

Know Your Assassins

HOW MANY CAN YOU NAME?: The 15 Most Infamous Assassinations in History. You’ll be surprised at who is missing. I don’t know if I call John Lennon’s murder an assassination. [Read more...]

Life and Death and Life

LIFE AND DEATH AND LIFE: The Passionist Nuns of Whitesville, KY share their remarkably busy past few weeks [Read more...]

Rhetoric 101

THE ART OF MANLINESS on Logical Fallacies in Rhetoric [Read more...]

Six weeks later…

THE MARATHON ENDED SIX WEEKS AGO: and he has made it across the line! [Read more...]

What, no Montauk?

I’LL TAKE MONTAUK OVER ANY OF THEM: Listing The Ten Best US Beaches [Read more...]

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