How Many Monkeys?

CAN BLIND MONKEYS: write some of our worship songs? [Read more...]

Muldoon, Poignant on Catholicism

WHAT IS CATHOLICISM?: Why so many blades of grass? Because Catholicism, unlike what many of its critics seem to think, is not fundamentally about a kind of military-like uniformity of taking orders from the general. It is much more like the way that beachgoers watch the ocean: we go because we respond to a summons [Read More...]

Michael Barone

OBAMA ACTS LIKES SHOP- STEWARD-IN-CHIEF: Would that be President Norma Rae? [Read more...]

Sola Scriptura

FRANCIS BECKWITH: on the journey: “. . .it became obvious to me that every major doctrinal dispute in the first six centuries of the Church could not have been resolved by mere citation of Bible verses. Rather, it required an elegant and rationally defensible interaction between the text of Scripture and certain philosophical categories. [...]But [Read More...]


SENSITIVITY IS EITHER A TWO-WAY STREET or it is wholly an illusion [Read more...]

Vital Stuff!


Piping Hot Magma!

SPECTACULAR VIDEO FOOTAGE: Mt. Etna erupts at night; lava flows [Read more...]

Political Passive-Aggressive Playbook

CALL MITT ROMNEY WEIRD? Why no, I’ll fire anyone who calls Mitt Romney “weird”. It would be wrong to call a guy “weird” after all. Who would ever suggest that? Not us! [Read more...]

6 Points, No Foul!

SCORED BY BENEDICT XVI: Relentlessly unafraid of ideas, and relentlessly NOT the “scary authoritarian” some wanted to portray: “Religion is not a separate area marked off from society … (but) a natural element within society, constantly recalling the vertical dimension: attentive listening to God as the condition for seeking the common good, for seeking justice [Read More...]

Catholic New Media Awards

VOTING BEGINS!: The lovely Pat Gohn’s Among Women Podcast is among the nominees along with some old and ‘not old’ faves and some fresh voices you may want to get to know! Register and vote if you are so inclined. [Read more...]