If Only…if only…

“IF ONLY WE’D NOMINATED HILLARY!”: If only’s are wastes of time. Especially when the candidate was never serious to begin with. Thompson’s almost-candidacy was the great tease of 2008. And it soured lots of people when it became clear that a tease was all it ever was. [Read more...]

Obamacare Setback

TURNS OUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EAT THE PEAS!: In fact compulsory pea-eating may be unconstitutional! Court of Appeals finds the individual mandate unconstitutional. Clearly, the appeals will go on, in uproar until the kids are crying and the parents are sleeping apart. [Read more...]

Catholic Colbert

JAMES MARTIN VISITS COLBERT AGAIN discussing God’s approval rating. A good time to re-ask the question: is Colbert a Cloak-and-Dagger Evangelist for the faith? We can’t always understand, but we can always choose to trust. [Read more...]

Nobody Loves Obama

KIM PRIESTAP: expands very intelligently on Peggy Noonan’s thesis [Read more...]

Science Finds Saddest Film of All Time

AND IT’S A REAL WEEPER: The Champ with Jon Voight and a heartbreaking Ricky Schroder. Watch the clip if you dare. And here’s a pdf of the whole study. [Read more...]

Too Hot!

BRING THE POOL INSIDE! where it’s cool! [Read more...]

Iced Coffee – You Know You Want It

IN THE BLISTERING HEAT Nothing is more refreshing! [Read more...]

Here, There and Everywhere

IT’S EASIER TO YELL: but it’s poor evangelization [Read more...]


PEACE OF MIND: who needs it? [Read more...]

Elmer Gantry or Sister Sharon?

JOSEPH SUSANKA WATCHES ELMER GANTRY: and finds himself thinking about John Corapi [Read more...]