Church, Apps, New Media

HAVING ALREADY READ PRAISE FOR THE BOOK, now you can watch the trailer. Yes, books have trailers, now! [Read more...]

SOLT Shakers, Corapi’s Flavor

SOLT RELEASES STATMENT ON CORAPI: I hope they can back up their claims, or this thing will get even uglier. [Read more...]

Nothing trivial or mean, and no petty grievances.

SOUNDS OF SUMMER SILENCE: Bright words, and a pure-voiced Sam Cooke. What a treat! [Read more...]

4 Cool things about a Cardinal

SCOLA AND THE BAVARIAN OPIE: “Scola is said to have helped inspire Benedict to found the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. That is, he was bold enough in his thinking to re-envision Europe as mission territory. The global South and East ain’t broke, so there’s no need to fix them; a man who’se [Read More...]

An American Atheocracy

AMERICA’S PRACTICAL ATHEISM: “Unfortunately, in our day, those “decrying the Christian religion” have seized the captain’s seat in America—in the academy, the media, the government and courts. The result is a kind of publicly enforced religious indifferentism, or what recent Popes have called “practical atheism.” The Constitution insists that no religious test shall ever be [Read More...]

The God of Second Chances

BECAUSE OFTEN WE ARE TOO STUPID: to do the right thing the first time. [Read more...]

Retro Cool

RE-IMAGINING THE CELL PHONE: I like this one [Read more...]

Papa Confessor & Social Mediator

KEEPING AN EAR TO THE GROUND AND THE TIMES: In Madrid for World Youth Day, the pope will hear confessions. He is also handing out some very wise advise about Twitter and social media! [Read more...]

Tattoo You?

IS GETTING A TATTOO SINFUL? Well, it depends! [Read more...]

Do You Have $20 to Spare?

AN ALTERNATE PLAN: You can spend your money drinking horse semen or you can actually do some good with it. Thank God for choices. [Read more...]