SVS: “Finding Nemo”


I have to get out of here! I have to find MY SON! I have to tell him… how!… old!… sea turtles are! I’m going against one of my (mostly secret) rules today: I don’t usually recommend a streaming film that must be rented to be watched. I like my Streaming Video Suggestions (SVS) to be [Read More...]

SVS: “Ernest & Celestine”


I’m too busy chasing after my kids (and watching ‘em sunburn) to compose a proper Streaming Video post this week. Instead, I’m just going to toss a name out there and call it good. A name that comes from my kids (and their better-than-expected taste in animated films), come to think of it. So this whole [Read More...]

No One Sees the World Quite Like a 6-Year-Old


A few days ago, I came home from work and found this odd/inexplicable assortment of magnetic letters lying on our dining-room table. Because I have yet to learn better, I asked who it’d come from. And what it was. James (the Fifth Son) piped up from behind me, a slight exasperation matter-of-factly hidden under his [Read More...]

Experiencing Pop-Culture Through A Four-Year-Old Filter


A few months back, I recounted a hilarious and/or horrifying episode involving David (The Fourth Son), James (The Fifth Son), the Just Dance 2 game on our Wii, and The Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.” Fast forward to a few days ago, when Cormac was storming ’round the living room belting out “Walk Like The Giff·i·ans!!!” at the top of his lungs. At [Read More...]

James, Our Own Little Man of Mystery


James, The Fifth Son, is a bit of a riddle to me. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, to be precise. Here’s the latest (hilarious and inscrutable) example. I came home this afternoon to find him huddled over a pile of cardboard scraps – the remains of the display Sean had produced as part of his [Read More...]

Seeing the Familiar in a New Light: Denise Bossert’s “Gifts of the Visitation”


Devotion to the Blessed Virgin has never come to me naturally. I knew the reasons for such devotion, the rightness of it, even the necessity for it.  My parents prayed the rosary with us almost nightly, and my father’s visceral, Irish faith was never more obvious than when he spoke of “Our Mother”.  But as [Read More...]

Half Disco, Half Exercise (Totally!)


Here’s a quote I heard breathlessly shouted by David (The Fourth Son) this past weekend, as he and James (The Fifth Son) were playing Just Dance 2 on their Wii. Half of this is us learning to disco, but half of it is TOTALLY exercise!!! Yup. He really-truly speaks that way. Excited and euphoric and filled with boundless enthusiasm, [Read More...]

Fat Tuesday Antics from the Susanka Seven


The boys are gearing up for Lent with their usual enthusiasm. The Furious Five Eldest spent a lively breakfast hour engaged in “Give-Up One-Upmanship,” where each vies with the others in an attempt to come up with the most outlandish sacrifice. “I’m going to give up the iPad during the day!” Well, I’m going to give [Read More...]

My Dinner with David


The following is a nearly verbatim account of the (mostly one-sided) conversation between David — most frequently described as the Fourth Susanka Boy – and myself last night around dinner time. Sometimes, Papa, I realize that I’m asking myself all these questions that don’t even have answers. Like “Do your eyes see things differently than my eyes do?” Or [Read More...]

6 Weird Tricks to Spending More Time with Your Toddlers (#3 is CRAZY!)


In the throes of motherhood, it can be easy to feel that we’re not spending enough time with our littlest ones. Especially when there are school projects and deadlines looming ahead, piles of laundry that may or may not be actually impeding traffic in the hallway, and yes, Virginia, they DO want dinner. (What, again???) Missing [Read More...]

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