Rounding Up Oscar’s Animated Shorts

Adam and Dog

With the 85th Academy Awards just ’round the corner, I spent the last few days scouring the Internet in search of nominees in the only category about which I truly care: Best Animated Short. Finding streaming versions online can be a tricky business, as they crop up and then vanish from various video sites like [Read More...]

Prepping for Valentine’s Day with A&F’s “Top 25 Films on Marriage”


A group of bloggers from Patheos’ Movie Channel — including Jeffrey Overstreet and Peter Chattaway, two cinematic commentators I’ve been following for most of my Internet life – are also regular contributors to Image Journal/the Arts & Faith Forums. (The inimitable Steven D. Greydanus is a regular there, as well, but he has somehow managed to elude us. For [Read More...]

Cinematically-Influenced Ear Worms for Your Friday Afternoon


Yesterday, as I sailed blithely along to the harmonious strains of the complete cello concerti of Luigi Boccherini, a Peter Weir film broke out. …I love it when that happens. The piece in question is the Passa Calle from LB’s “La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid.” And here it is: I recommend the entire [Read More...]

Righting One of Oscar’s Greatest Wrongs


Thanks to the Variety series on this year’s Oscar-nominated cinematographers, I am reminded of one of my cinematic life’s most painful, inexplicable truths: Roger Deakins has never won an Oscar. As someone who has seen none of the 2012 films in question, I can’t speak to Deakins’ worthiness in this particular contest. Where I to find [Read More...]

No Commentary Necessary — “Paperman” Edition (UPDATED)


If there was ever a more appropriate invocation of the “No Commentary” heading, I have yet to see it. (Also, full-screen HD is so strongly suggested for this one as to be almost mandatory.) Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation [Read More...]

“Liberty Valance” and the Obligations of Progress


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of watching and then discussing John Ford’s inestimable The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance with a group of college students. By the end of the evening, the film had further cemented its position as My Favorite Ford not simply because of its technical and cinematic excellence — has [Read More...]

Drew Struzan Returns to the Star Wars Universe


I’m slightly behind the curve here — the speed at which “Star Wars” rumors fly ’round the Internet these days would make Doohan drool — but this little one from Fanhattan’s otherwise “Being Human”-themed interview with Drew Struzan is worth the effort. Who is Struzan, you ask? The artistic mastermind behind the spectacular “Star Wars” [Read More...]

Feeling Wonderfully Blue


In the wake of yesterday’s unexpected (and Sunday-consuming) water heater repair, this morning’s “Bird and Moon” comic was just what the doctor had ordered: Sorrow over the fact that we will one day live in an Attenborough-less world — “Sadly, there is only one known David Attenborough in existence” — is offset by the instantaneous cinematic [Read More...]

A Short Clip from Pixar’s Latest Short


The following snippet from Pixar’s “The Blue Umbrella” short might seem a bit desperate at first — a teaser short for a short? — but for a Pixar Short fanatic like me (or maybe Michał Oleszczyk), it’s as exciting as a feature-length trailer. The various online pieces I’ve seen so far focus either on the [Read More...]

Peter Jackson Misses the Point


This past weekend, I joined millions of moviegoers around the globe in what will doubtless become a Christmas tradition (whether we like it or not): I Hobbited. Having now experienced Peter Jackson’s latest extravaganza for myself, I can safely say that I have very little to add to the critical consensus. The film features many of the visual and [Read More...]