The Moment I Knew I Would Always Love Movies


I’m not quite sure why it popped into my head, but I was recently reflecting on the question of whether or not there was a single point in my life from which my love for film originated — a particular movie or even a particular scene before which I was a fairly mild film viewer [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX INSTANT. Yes, today’s Valentine’s Day. No, this isn’t a good Valentine’s Day film, though I did spent a couple of minutes or hours trying to figure out how to sell it that way. …so this can be for tomorrow, then. While the Civil War [Read More...]

Frozen’s “Let It Go” …Gets Away


Google Translate, you’re doing it wrong. (Or is that “doing it very, VERY right?“) I can’t belt like Idina Menzel, but I can mess around with Google translate. That software can really destroy a song…and yet make it way too funny not to share. By way of comparison: The snow glows white on the mountain [Read More...]

Animated Anticipation


I’m taking the Top Five to see The LEGO Movie this afternoon. It’s been on the agenda since they saw their first trailer months ago. (Cool story: Sean wandered into the living room a few weeks ago when I was making some point to Sarah regarding Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” and said: “Hey! That’s the [Read More...]

Streaming Suggestion: “The Apartment”


Lacunae Cinemae. Margaret Cabaniss, my long-time friend (and long-suffering editor), helped me coin the faux-term a few days ago, and I love it. Just the right amount of pretension and accuracy, because a) it’s Latin-ish, and b) actually describes what I’m thinking about to a “T:” Movies that flit past on the outskirts of your cinematic [Read More...]

Vittorio De Sica, David O. Selznick, and the Question of Cinema


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to participate in an online discussion with some friends (and fellow cinophiles) featuring one of my all-time favorite films: Vittorio De Sica’s legendary Bicycle Thieves. It was a great conversation overall, as one might expect from a group that just finished watching what I consider to be [Read More...]

Today’s Streaming Suggestion: “Departures”


As a Wyomingite, I have grown increasingly dependent on streaming sites for the scratching of my cinephilic itch. You know that “…thanking his lucky stars for Netflix” bit that shows up in my blog bio? I’m not even kidding. Not even a little. Luckily, the selection is ever-growing (at least in terms of outlets) and surprisingly fruitful. [Read More...]

Tomasz Bagiński and “The Kinematograph”


The Polish animator Tomasz Bagiński has been on my radar ever since the day I accidentally stumbled across his visually stunning Katedra. I can’t remember the details of my fortuitous discovery, but the short definitely caught my attention; it was gorgeous, atmospheric, and a bit disturbing. Hunting down his subsequent short, Fallen Art, I found it nowhere near [Read More...]

“Pianomania,” and the Magical Art of Tuning


One of my favorite activities of late is watching documentaries with Sean. He loves ‘em, I’ve always loved ‘em, and it’s a genre of significant strength for Netflix Streaming. We don’t (usually) watch them in one sitting, because I need my beauty sleep. Or something. But documentaries often lend themselves to staged viewings, so it [Read More...]

The Things We Do For Art


Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, a samurai-themed, Noh-tinged re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, has always fascinated me. It’s not a particularly faithful adaptation, in my opinion. But it might be a great one. (Harold Bloom once famously said that it was “uncannily the most successful film version of Macbeth, though it departs very far from the specifics [Read More...]