Everything’s a Remix, German Expressionistic Version


The dances I attended during my college years provided me with some of the fondest musical memories I own. Among those memories, Bobby Darin’s lilting “Mack the Knife” holds a place of particular prominence. (I’m not quite sure why; I suspect it’s equal parts unusual rhythmic construction and the strange dichotomy between the song’s easygoing [Read More...]

A Tangled and Beautiful Tale


Here’s a mesmerizing short film that floated across my radar this morning, courtesy of Corrie Francis Parks, “a freelance animator and photographer based in Montana.” (Montana, huh? So, as we say here in the Wide Open Spaces of Wyoming, “a next door neighbor.”) Somewhat unsurprisingly given her location and interests, this short deals with fishing. But that’s only [Read More...]

Free Association on a Friday Afternoon


This afternoon, I find myself with an inexplicable hankering for “Touch of Grey.” So, here. Because Internet. Which, of course, makes me think of Spider Man. Obvious, right? …or perhaps not so obvious. My mind can be a bit labyrinthine at times, even to me. So I had to tease it out a bit. J. K. [Read More...]

Orson’s Shylock


A few weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled across the following clips. I don’t remember what I was searching for at the time — definitely not “Orson Welles’ Shylock Monologues,” since I didn’t even realize they existed prior to my unknowing-yet-grateful stumblings — but their presence on YouTube reminds me of why I love the Internet [Read More...]

“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”


Last week, Sean and I finally sat down together and watched something I’ve been trying to get to for the last few months: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I realize that this post this being written quite a bit after the rest of the world gave Jiro their attention, but I actually consider it borderline miraculous that I got [Read More...]

Peter Bellerby, Globemaker


I’m fascinated by people who make things with their hands. Probably because I’m as bad at creating things with my hands as anyone ever, so successful hand-crafters seem like gods to me. Enter the godlike Peter Bellerby – a Londoner who really, really wanted to give his father a globe for his 80th birthday, but just couldn’t find [Read More...]

“Frame by Frame” — PBS Studies the Art of Stop Motion


The art of stop-motion has fascinated me for nearly as long as I can remember. I think it has something to do with the enormous amount of patience required — a trait that I greatly respect, but sorely lack. As my long-time friend and college roommate used to say, “Yeah, yeah, patience! How long will that take?” (Interestingly and perhaps [Read More...]

Do We Really Need Another Sherlock?


My affection for the thespian work of Sir Ian McKellen is well-documented. As is my affection for Sherlock Holmes. So you can just imagine how this makes me feel. “The Fifth Estate” helmer Bill Condon is reuniting with Brit thesp Ian McKellen for a feature adaptation of “A Slight Trick of the Mind,” based on the tome by Mitch Cullin. … With his [Read More...]

Poppy Hill and the Wonderful Ordinary


On the wall above my desk, there hangs a home-made plaque with this Chesterton quote: For a plain, hard-working man the home is not the one tame place in the world of adventure. It is the one wild place in the world of rules and set tasks. I love this quote. Not because my home [Read More...]

Testing the Ol’ Tear Ducts


This video’s been making the rounds over the past few days, but for those that have not yet clicked on it, now’s the time. If it doesn’t make you cry, you might not have tear ducts. …or a heart. For me, its power lies not in the music (which is fairly pedestrian), nor in the generosity [Read More...]