Those Baroque Jesuits


OK, so that title’s a) click-baity (because The Pope), and b) not accurate. It should say “Jesuit,” not “Jesuits.” Because I’m talking about one. Namely, Domenico Zipoli: …an Italian Baroque composer who worked and died in Córdoba (Argentina). He became a Jesuit in order to work in the Reductions of Paraguay where his musical expertise contributed to develop the natural musical talents of [Read More...]

Parked by the Jukebox with Hollow Coves’ “The Woods”


A few weeks ago, quite by accident, I stumbled across the musical stylin’s of an “acoustic duo” from Australia named Hollow Coves. I’m not kidding. It was a genuine accident. I was listening to something else entirely on SoundCloud and this came on before I had time to switch back from my other tab to turn it off. But [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Coda


Looking back on my recently-completed musical adventure, I’m pleased. I feel like it did exactly what I wanted it to do: made my Lent both more meditative and more musical. I’m a bit surprised, though, at how much of it was Russian. And/or Polish. (I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Music is the one place [Read More...]

The Journey Is Over


He is Risen! Let the Alleluias ring! Haec dies quam fecit Dominus: exultemus et laetemur in ea, Alleluia. This is the day the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it, Alleluia. Attribution(s): “La Résurrection” by James Tissot (Source) is licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons; “Bells” via Shutterstock. [Read more...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 46


Waiting; waiting; waiting. O tù chì dormi in sta petra sculpita d’avè suffertu da colpi è di ferite dopu d’atroci martiri persu hai ancu la vita, oghje riposi tranquillu a tò sufferenza hè finita. Oh you who sleep Within this sculpted stone And have suffered blows and wounds After atrocious torments You have also lost your [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 45


Bach’s Matthäus-Passion has served as the soundtrack to so many of my Good Fridays, I’ve lost count. It’s particularly effective (for me, at least) when paired with the libretto (pdf version here), because Bach highlights and underscores the text in all sorts of wonderful (and deeply moving) musical ways. I was pleased to find this version (led [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 44


The Matthäuspassion of Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, my first (and to this day, most moving) encounter with his music. Wonderfully meditative, preparatory stuff. Attribution(s): “Bells” provided by Shutterstock. [Read more...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 43


Today, the Matthäus Passion of Gottfried August Homilius. I’m not terribly familiar with him as a composer, so I had to do a bit of hunting to find out more. According to (the ever-reliable) Wikipedia, he was “a German composer, cantor and organist,” “one of the most important church composers of the generation following Bach’s,” and “the [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 42


Georg Philipp Telemann wrote a Matthäus Passion. I did not know this. …which, by extension, means that I also did not know that he’d written more than forty musical reflections on Christ’s Passion. That’s right. OVER 40! So, here’s his Paßions-Musik nach dem Evangelisten Matthäus (TWV 5:31) from 1746. It feels almost mild when compared to some of [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 41


Passion Week has begun. And so, here’s an unusual Matthaus-Passion from the influential German composer, Heinrich Schütz. The Introitus and Beschluss are my favorite parts, because they’re a bit more complex musically, and the rest feels a bit like a long recitative. But listening to the whole thing (with the text) is a really wonderful meditation. If the name [Read More...]