“To God, there is no zero.”


When I look back at the most memorable cinematic experiences of my childhood — a self-indulgence I undertake with almost terrifying frequency – there is one film in particular that strikes me as a real outlier. Titles such as Flight of the Navigator and Blackbeard’s Ghost and The Absentminded Professor and “Zorro” all make sense to me, and while the intensity of my love [Read More...]

“What is left is Art. I think we must all admit that.”


If Cooper had any real knowledge of Nature’s ways of doing things, he had a most delicate art in concealing the fact. It’s Wednesday. Which, as I’ve doubtless observed (complained about/whined over) in the past, is not my favorite day of the week. So I’m in the mood for something cathartic. (Translation? I’m on the lookout for something [Read More...]

“Grim Grinning Ghosts” and the Magic of Thurl Ravenscroft


For no particular reason other than because it’s a bit October-y and I like to post thematically/seasonally-appropriate music from time to time and because, unlike Tom McDonald, I don’t know country music much, dark or otherwise. Also, because I was recently listening to NPR’s “All Songs Considered” fascinating podcast with John Congleton and he brought [Read More...]

“To Keep My Memory Alive and Healthy”


It is a pity I can’t receive my own letters. If they produce as much wholehearted approval at their destination as they do at their source, they should indeed be able to keep my memory alive and healthy. – Flannery O’Connor What a great quote. Yes, as a die-hard and dyed-in-the-wool O’Connorite, I suppose it’s only fair [Read More...]

Writing Crookedly with Straight Lines


A couple of days ago, my dad sent me the following video. Apparently, he’s gently encouraging me to lose my mind. …more rapidly than I’m already losing it, that is. Seriously, these sorts of things drive me crazy. Things that I don’t understand bother me not at all. Things that I understand on an intellectual level [Read More...]

A Trap That I Trip Over and Over and Over Again


Thanks to Jim Benton for this sharp little insight into my life. It’s one that cuts uncomfortably close to the quick, most days; one that applies more readily and regularly than I’d care to admit. (“Means,” I  keep reminding myself. “Not end. Just a means, not an end.“) [Read more...]

Celebrating and Medicating with Ghibli Wallpapers


As someone who uses their desktop wallpaper (and its selection) as a regular source of encouragement/therapy/happiness, it gives me great pleasure to share this Imgur gallery with y’all. It’s called “100 Studio Ghibli Wallpapers,” and it is …pretty much exactly what you’d expect. And every bit as awesome as you’d expect. I’m using this one currently, because [Read More...]

Edward Hopper’s Search for ‘Nighthawks’


You know those times when you shamelessly steal someone else’s post pretty much in its entirety because it’s just so darn fun? Yeah, I love those times, too. Speaking of which, this ARTNews post is over a year old, but as someone who is fascinated — perhaps too fascinated – by the Man Behind the Curtain (particularly [Read More...]

Wednesday in GIF Form. And Händel. Because.


Today, this is me: OK, fine. I’m perhaps not quite that cute. Nor as fluffy. But I’m doing just about as good a job of measuring today’s obstacles. (That’s why they call it Hump Day, right? Because it’s the one you trip over?) Just keep workin’, I say. …Oh, and listen to a long-form YouTube video of [Read More...]

Gender Specificity and the Wonders of Brotherhood


In the first 14+ years of the Susanka Horde’s adventurous existence, we have had little-to-no use for feminine pronouns. That’s not a misogynistic tendency (I hope); it’s just a practical fact. My wife is “Mama” to the boys and “Sarah” to me. Never “She.” Likewise, the various other feminine influences in/on the boys’ lives have nearly always been discussed [Read More...]